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Sarah, Samara, William, Aurangzeb

Bricks to Boxes

"Furniture unlike any other"


Bricks to boxes is a company that creates quality cardboard furniture. To learn more about the creation process and products, continue to scroll down. To place a bid hit the bid now button above.

The Process 





Before creating the actual product there is a precise planning process that takes place. It involves designing the structural stability of the design so that it can be used in any indoor environment. The Product has to be approved and there are many rules that need to be followed.

The building stage takes a lot of precise steps Normally when creating a cardboard sculpture, one spine is used and two bases. However, in this case, two extra spines were used, to make the design more stable.

Once the building process has been completed, a colour scheme is created for the piece. Bricks to Boxes' main goal is to create intricate and unique designs. Hence, why many textures and patterns are added using acrylic paint. Multiple coats of paint are applied, to ensure all designs have a clean finish.  

Our Product 

The Chromatic Loop 


About Us

Bricks to Boxes is a company that creates stable and creative designs. No matter what the challenge is, Bricks to Boxes is always ready. All of the pieces made by this company are not only unique, and very strong, they are very useful.


"Our mission is to create useful cardboard furniture that will raise money for Sick Kids Hospital."


"Our vision is to create intricate and unique masterpieces."

             Dates that Bids Will Take Place 

                   ( All proceeds will be donated to SickKids Hospital )

Jan 16, Jan 17 2020

will end at 5:00pm Jan 17

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